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ROMP Career Fair

The Rural Opportunities for Mississippi Physician’s Career Fair (ROMP) is specifically designed for primary care students and physicians who may be interested in relocating to rural or small town Mississippi communities.

ROMP provides students, residents, and physicians with the opportunity to network, meet potential employers, and investigate special incentives such as loan repayment and forgiveness.

Nearly half of Mississippians live in rural areas where they experience many of the same health challenges as urban communities. Although still in last place at 186 physicians per 100,000 residents (compared to the national median of 258 per 100,000), the state fares better at retaining its graduates. Mississippi ranks fourth in keeping medical school graduates and 13th in retaining residents.

The demand for primary care physicians, especially those practicing in rural areas, is expected to sharply increase in the coming years. The rural population of those ages 55 to 75 is estimated to grow 30 percent between 2010 and 2020 due, in part, to retiring baby boomers migrating from urban areas.

Dates and details to be announced.